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Steel Tanks - Steel has a higher density rate than aluminum, which allows the tank to be negatively buoyant when your dive is completed. Steel tanks are available either in high pressure (HP) or low pressure (LP). High pressure tanks are smaller and contain a higher volume of air, and also require a regulator set up for DIN. A HP 100 is slightly smaller than an AL 80. LP tanks are much easier to fill, but are also quite large for the volume of air that they hold.
The difference between Pressure & Volume - It should be noted that the pressure of a tank is not a measure of the size or volume of a tank. For example, most aluminum tanks, from the smallest 6 cuft pony bottle to an 80 cuft tank, have a fill pressure of 3000 psi. For a 6 cuft bottle, this means at 3000 psi the tank contains 6 cuft of air. For an 80 cuft bottle this means at 3000 psi the tank contains 80 cuft of air. Tanks come in a variety of combinations of volumes and fill pressures but the cubic foot (cuft) volume is the measure of how much air a tank holds.
Valves - A K-valve, which comes on all aluminum tanks and low pressure steel tanks, do nothing other than release or stop the flow of air from the cylinder.
DIN valve - These valves are used on all high pressure tanks - 3300 PSI and above. Regulators used on HP tanks require that your regulator be converted to DIN.
Dive Bonaire

You can enjoy Bonaire diving 365 days a year! Because of Bonaire’s location south of the hurricane belt and its arid climate, weather rarely cancels a day of diving. Except for passing showers, the meager annual rainfall the island receives is typically in Water temperatures range from 78 degrees F. in winter, to 84 degrees F. in summer. So plan a trip to dive Bonaire whenever you like!
Dive in the crystal clear water surrounding the Caribbean's Cozumel island on a certified dive trip from cdspoolnscuba. Swim in the turquoise water, dive through tunnels, glide over huge coral heads and gaze at beautiful marine life.

    Diving adventure off Cozumel
    Short cruise on the turquoise waters
    Variety of diving locations
    Diving depth of 120 feet
    Choice of waters and dive site
    Tropical coral reefs and marine life
Adventure Scuba Diving were every your love of scuba diving takes you.
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